Unfortunately, NASW-Al and SWV reached the very difficult decision to cancel the social work retreat for May 26-30 2020 in Montgomery, Al. The committee will follow the CDC, COVID-19 recommendations in regards to not convening group events for 50 or more attendee’s. 


NASW-Al and SWV recognize the conversation is a very critical and pertinent topic “1619 to 2020: Mass Incarceration and Trauma Justice in the Face of Injustice, Impacting Individuals, Families, and Communities”.  As a committee, it is our sincere hope to revisit this conversation. 


Those who paid their registration will receive the return of funds paid through Eventbrite.  We will also be in direct contact with those that submitted abstracts.  If you made reservations at the hotel we urge you to immediately call and cancel those reservations directly. Please obtain and retain verification of your cancellation. Thank you for your patience and your understanding.  



NASW-Al and Social Work Voices

Social Work Retreat
May 26-30, 2020
Montgomery, Alabama 

Underlying Values:
• Inclusion • Equity • Unity • Social and Economic Justice
• Recovery, Renewal, Reinvention


Our commitment:

Providing a space for personal and professional development through the engagement of problem-solving through focused conversations among Social Workers at all levels with the goal to develop action steps and outcomes that improves the lives of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and our society.  Social work must serve as leaders, advocate, and change systems that result in racial, social, economic, political, and environmental justice and equity for all.


Join practitioners, policymakers, academicians, administrators, researchers, students and scholars of social work and engage in interactive conversations on critical topical areas that social workers face in our profession. Each participant will leave the event with a piece of an Action Plan. We will all work together over the next year to implement these Action Plans. 


Social Work Voices, LLC is pleased to collaborate with the NASW - Alabama Chapter to bring this year’s Social Work Retreat to historic Montgomery, Alabama!  This event will be the opportunity of a lifetime to explore and reflect upon the impact of social work through the years while individuals, families, and communities have been striving for justice in the face of injustice. 


This retreat will provide participants the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through the engagement of significant social justice issues and problem-solving discourse.  Milestone's objectives of the retreat include the development of innovative action plans, steps, and outcomes that will improve the social functioning of individuals, families, and communities at large served by social work.  To facilitate this important work, Social Work Voices, LLC and NASW-Alabama Chapter seek submissions related to the following critical topical areas:

Reflections of the Past:  400 Years – Then to Now…

Mass Incarceration and the pursuit of racial, social, environmental and economic justice.  Key areas of interest:

  • The Broken System of Criminal Justice

  • School to Prison Pipeline

  • Mental Health and Healthcare Disparities of the Incarcerated

  • Structural Biases (i.e.: overcrowding, death penalty, wrongful conviction, cash bail, etc.)

  • Re-entry of previously incarcerated persons

  • The role of social work professional leadership, networks, and advocacy in changing the conversation


Formats for Intellectual Conversations:  Panel Discussion, Workshop Facilitated Conversations, and Poster Presentations


The criterion for Conversations:

  • Connect to an aforementioned topical area of focus targeted to interdisciplinary audiences in attendance

  • Provide a historical timeline of past to present-day disparities and resultant social injustice

  • Provide viable intervention strategies with action steps for change and targeted measurable outcomes

  • Provide current or proposed advocacy initiatives and deliverables for sustainable change



Submission Instructions:

Due Date: January 31, 2020

Notification of Acceptance: February 14, 2020

Email Abstract Submission to: