100 Social Work Voices, LLC. host an annual gathering. The first gathering was held at Martha's Vineyard on June 11-15, 2019. The purpose is to bring social workers together to invigorate and stimulate creative minds in a relaxing environment. Our upcoming retreat will be in Montgomery, AL on May 26-30, 2020. This retreat will be hosted by the NASW Alabama chapter. 


It is an opportunity to reaffirm the Social Work profession and reconnect with Social Work’s origin and serve as the leaders of social, racial, economic, environmental, and political justice advocates in our workplaces. One of our collective purposes is to develop a comprehensive blueprint, then yearly document what we achieved, and devise a plan to sustain relevancy, and to continue our progress as we all follow the Social Work Voices collective vision for social change.


It is an opportunity to recover, renew, reinvent, initiate, and host open honest dialogues on diverse social justice topics that are directly related to the impact of Social Work in the lives of people. The gathering serves as a “checks and balance” for the entire social work professional spectrum workforce. The foundation of 100 Social Work Voices is framed by the underlying values of inclusion, equity, and unity.



Our Purpose


The genesis of “100 Social Work Voices” is our social work professional responsibility to advance our skills and knowledge in order to assure and provide equitable quality services to all people on all levels of practice throughout all universal systems.


Social workers who attend are charged to give back and pay forward through bridging and blending the voices of the social work academy and profession. Together we will use our united voices as action advocates who promote our differences as our strengths.


Social Work Voices on the Vineyard emphasis is on accountability for individual professional growth. Together, social work educators and practitioners will work to create a plan of action for ourselves and our professional associations. Attendees will create a professional agenda that outlines concrete strategies and achievable deliverables that will occur within a year. The outcome deliverables will be used to initiate advocacy efforts on the state, national and global levels, and to inform future Social Work Voices, LLC. activities.